In which gimlets are too sweet, the weaknesses of real life’s reward mechanisms are exposed, and questions from questions undergoes total logistical collapse. Plus Zafehouse Diaries, MirrorMoon EP, Transistor, Super Hot, and other such videogames.

We also dig into Deus Ex: Human Revolution, clap politely for Tribes, and explore the worlds of Mirror’s Edge and Just Cause 2. Then we kick Diablo 3’s narrative until it falls over and air our most controversial feelings about the original Half-Life.

Show notes

  • Zangband is a roguelike that might just be as punishing as trying to buy a house in Bath.
  • Graham wishes there were fewer racists in his Zafehouse.
  • Do we actually understand MirrorMoon EP? Does anyone? Probably, yes.
  • Supergiant Games are the creators of Bastion and Transistor.
  • Complicated gun-em’-up Receiver, and clever puzzle roguelike Ending.
  • The horror series that Marsh is trying to remember the name of is Siren.