In which we just can’t wait – neither for Valve’s Steambox reveal nor GTA V’s PC release. We contain premature opinions and they must be freed. Tom F’s crime spree continues in Monaco and Tom S plays with himself in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Also, Graham gets a bit woozy while waggling his Razor Hydra, Tom F recalls his favourite radiators and Marsh imagines a better god game. Somehow, it all descends into chaos.

Show notes

  • Steam’s plan for your lounge will really tie the room together.
  • This week in Indie Games With Crap Names, we have Oculus Rift spookathon, Alone.
  • Abstracted anti-puke Oculus game-jam finalist, Ciess, can be downloaded along with the other finalists here.
  • Oculus Gif.
  • Bonus Oculus related link: VR guillotine simulator. Urk!
  • Monaco, a chaotic and incoherent co-op heist-em-up.
  • Tom and Nika playing that, with only marginally more success than four absolute beginners.
  • Gentle self-co-op adventure, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.
  • A screenshot illustrating why Graham hasn’t learnt how to play Aurora yet.
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