In which winged beasts rule. Ka-kaw! Chris explains why ladybirds are more exciting than Battlefield 4’s skyscrapers and Tom S yearns to palpate Gabe Newell’s Power Owl. Also discussed: Cardhunter and homoerotic spooning simulator, FIFA 14.

Plus: why Peter Molyneux’s romantic prospects look grim, the importance of good clank and some clarification on the global hierarchy of Toms. To those asking: we will have some forums for you soon.

Show notes

  • Battlefield 4’s a-skyscraper-falls-over-ZOMG trailer.
  • Valve’s new gamepad, in case you missed it. But how could you have?
  • Cardhunter, everybody. Cardhunter. Chris wants you to play Cardhunter. Play Cardhunter.
  • FIFA 14 in a gif. Helloooo!?
  • Useful Aurora tips. Vol Vulgi, who kindly supplied this link, says, “Search down to ‘Informational Updates’, there’s a year or two of posts and cruft between the top and the good bits.”
  • Another listener, Hypocee, tells us about “new evidence that mental location can be very easily manipulated by any subtle visual signal synchronised with a user’s pulse.”
  • Also courtesy of Hypocee: further proof that we are already living within a simulation.
  • Thassfulibbeninerrybody.
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