In which we get our criticisms of Steam Early Access in early, before Marsh clambers atop the Nuclear Throne, Tom Senior tells them to eat cake in Democracy 3, Chris fights the forces of darkness in Eldritch, and Graham tries to count to 140.

Also: your videogame misunderstandings, Chris’s wonders what would happen if horses could travel at supersonic speeds, and beer makes us all get up to pee a lot.

Show notes

  • Double Fine’s disappointing Spacebase DF-9 costs £18.99 in Steam Early Access.
  • Vlambeer’s arcade shooter Nuclear Throne, possessed by the the dread king Marsh.
  • The Lovecraftian first-person roguelie Eldritch, which is too easy on your first run.
  • Another entry in the pantheon of good games with bad names, rhythm platformer 140.
  • Vote for Tom Senior in Democracy 3.
  • PC gaming catharsis in GIF form.
  • Feel tingly by listening to the End of the Line trailer’s sound design.
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