In which Tom Francis, Marsh and Chris are joined by Nika Harper – The Crate and Crowbar’s first ever guest. Amazing! Chris and Nika explain wizards, BlizzCon, Blink-182 and why everything is okay if Diablo is riding a horse. Tom deploys his serpents of peace in Reus and Marsh still doesn’t like Mirror’s Edge.

Also featuring Life Goes On, TowerFall, Die By The Sword, and hairdressers who like Skyrim. This is a long episode – we received a record number of questions, and did our best to answer most of them. A Twitter poll suggested that most of you want longer episodes, but if you’ve got strong feelings about this either way please do contact us.

There’s no “thanksforlistening!” moment in this episode because the one we ended up recording was so loud it pretty much blew out all of our recording equipment. To save your eardrums, we’ve clipped it out.

Show notes