In which we climb inside a straw man made of worms. The Wolf Among Us: Episode Two leaves Tom S huffing and puffing, Tom F brings new meaning to “sleeper agent” in espionage sim Covert Action and Chris gets twitchy in aerial shooter Strike Vector.

Also: we impersonate a disappointed oil-rig, debate the merits of a momentary “dick-lapse”, demand stretchier faces, swap gaming soundtracks and interrogate our potently non-committal emotions towards Gone Home. Meanwhile, Marsh is largely only present for moral support. Back-rub, anyone?

Once again, we sound like we recorded this in a large oil drum. Apologies. We are in the process of acquiring acoustic dampeners.

Show notes

Our intro music is from the track Clambake by The Mandibles. Many of the band members now tour as Count Bobo And The Bullion.