In which the team gathers to offer the steal of the century: Tom F enjoys the cinematic violence of Tomb Raider, Marsh enjoys the cartwheeling violence of Strider, Graham enjoys the tactical violence of Intruder, and Chris becomes victim to the internet’s violence over the new Thief.

Also discussed, indie fighting game Gang Beasts, the world’s best detective sim Where’s An Egg, our favourite machinima, and exactly how good dogs are at videogames.

Show notes

  • Tom has been mating ropes in the Tomb Raider reboot.
  • Strider. A merry game about mincing through enemies.
  • Intruder by Super Boss Games. A tactical shooter in which you can place a cardboard standee of a player at any time.
  • The future of game journalists not shutting up about things: jelly baby fighting game Gang Beasts.
  • You can read Chris’s Thief review at PC Gamer. He doesn’t mind the jumping.
  • Where’s An Egg is a free game where you deduce where an egg is. It’s better than LA Noire. Good work, fictional game developer Videlectrix.
  • Battlefield and Call of Duty fans may fight on the internet, but that’s better than the streets of Margate and Clacton.
  • The trailer for End of the Line, a Team Fortress 2 short film due out later this year. My interview with the James McVinnie, whose name I regretably confused with his online handle, which includes a video breakdown of a single scene.

As always, we are played in by The Mandibles, plucked from their track Clambake. Many of the band members now tour as Count Bobo And The Bullion.

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