In which we get steamy about E3’s PC lineup. Also: Tom F dons his space-cowboy-hat and hunts down bounties in EXPAT, Chris wails like a dolorous ghoul at the grave failings of Murdered: Soul Suspect, and Marsh lops lumber and limbs in The Forest.

Plus! Your burning metaphysical questions answered: are ghosts the Facebook of high-concept games? Will the afterlife be like falling through a skybox forever? What does the most 90s image of all time have to do with Dota 2’s solo queue? Can a rabbit be said to “scuttle”?

  • Here are the games we mention in our discussion of the upcoming E3:
    • Alien: Isolation
      Assassin’s Creed Unity
      Batman Arkham Knight
      BattleCry (Bethesda’s F2P answer to Team Fortress, previewed by Evan Lahti here.)
      Battlefield: Hardline
      Call of Sorry: Apologies Woopsie
      Civilization: Beyond Earth
      Costume Quest 2
      Dragon Age: Inquisition
      Elite Dangerous
      Far Cry 4
      Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age (The F2P L4D style monster masher set in 1800s America made by ex-Vigil peeps at Crytek USA.)
      Metro: Redux
      Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor More Like Snoredor Amirite?
      Mirror’s Edge 2
      No Man’s Sky
      Project Beast (working title for the new game by Dark Souls big-man Hidetaka Miyazaki. Leaked video here.)
      Star Wars Battlefront
      Tom Clancy’s Tom Clancy’s Tom Clancy: The Division
      Ultra Street Fighter IV
      Warhammer 40K: The Eternal Crusade
      The Witcher 3: Witchers Gone Wild

  • The Space Cowboy Gamejam.
  • EXPAT is Brendon Chung’s entry in the above. It doesn’t have a website yet, but you can find the latest build in Brendon’s Twitter feed.
  • You should play Brendon’s previous games: Gravity Bone and 30 Flights of Loving. They are pretty much amazing.
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect makes Chris all 🙁 . You can read his review of it here, too.
  • WildStar – the last and best subscription MMO?
  • Gribbly survival game The Forest. A lot of promise, but still in an early stage.
  • The Inverted World is a 1974 science fiction novel by Christopher Priest.
  • David Sirlin (of Chess 2 fame) wrote an essay about “scrubs”.
  • Can you get any 90sier than this? No. You cannot.
  • Confessions of a Jedi Knight is the politer title for this great story about gaming etiquette.
  • NaNiwa was the Starcraft 2 player who got put on the naughty step after throwing a match he didn’t need to win.

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Our intro music is by The Mandibles from their track Clambake. Many of the band members now tour as Count Bobo And The Bullion.

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