Happy birthday to us! The entire gang gather to celebrate the 50th episode and our almost-one-year anniversary. We mark the occasion by discussing some of our most beloved games: Tom S joins a Company of Heroes, Marsh posits a Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Graham measures his Half-Life, Chris lives a full life in Star Wars: Galaxies and Tom F goes on a Little Big Adventure.

Also discussed: the announcements of Blue Stream and Bloodborn and the re-reveal of Fortnite; the future of VR, journalism and crotch-gazing; how online gaming has broadened our and your horizons; the grossest nudity; our proudest videogame creations; and more.

Apologies for the various creaking noises at certain points throughout this week’s pod. Also introducing: the pod dog, the pod bird, and rain.

  • Project Blue Streak, by Cliffy “Dude Huge” B’s new company Boss Key, doesn’t seem to have its own website yet. At least it’s not a MOBA.
  • Unlike Battleborn, which is Gearbox’s hobby-grade co-op meta-growth competitive esport Battleborn Heroes. Here’s the tweet by Randy Pitchford‘s that we unpick, just to make clear that it’s real.
  • Epic Games’ Fortnite is a cartoony, free-to-play Orcs Must Die-with-crafting game. It looks alright?
  • The dumb Warface magazine Graham couldn’t remember the name of was Gameface.
  • You can play Wings of Saint Nazaire, the purple, sprite-based, Wing Commander-inspired space shooter, right now.
  • The VR Game Jam Tom F was talking about. Cockpits are our virtual reality future.
  • The future of journalism includes virtual reality. This is the project Tom S mentioned, mention the beautiful, first-person, journalistic Somewhere.
  • Here’s the clip of There Will Be Blood – from early in the film – with a gaze-tracking overlay showing where 11 viewers looked in any given moment.
  • Page 257 of this eye-tracking study reveals that men are always looking at dongs.
  • Chris tells the story of his life and final moments inside dearly departed MMO Star Wars: Galaxies. He wrote about the same, with screenshots of some of the final events he references, over at PCGamer.com.
  • Little Big Adventure’s amazing soundtrack can be heard on YouTube. And yes, it’s on GOG.
  • Former podcast guest Pip Warr asked on Twitter for people’s favourite videogame weather.

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Our intro music is by The Mandibles from their track Clambake. Many of the band members now tour as Count Bobo And The Bullion.