Marsh, Tom F, Tom S and returning guest Rich Stanton gather to discuss gaming crates good and bad. Tom F’s been throwing them around in Divinity: Original Sin, Rich has been opening them in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and we’ve all been pushing, pulling and poking them in virtual worlds everywhere as gaming’s love affair with boxes comes to an enthusiastic middle.

Also discussed: what is the cheese? In Dota 2, specifically, as Tom F and Tom S spectate the International as total noobs. Meanwhile, Marsh learns he may have unknowingly done a bad thing to Charlie Brooker’s ballbags in Sniper Elite 3, Rich does an impression of the Mickey Rourke rap from Rogue Warrior, and Tom S talks about roleplaying as a race of ghost knights in Endless Legend.

There are more questions from questions, of course, and a pause to reveal the pod’s current cocktail, Tom F’s moreish Crowbarb and Custard. Also, we get to use the bleep machine for the first time in ages. Oh my!

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Our intro music is by The Mandibles from their track Clambake. Many of the band members now tour as Count Bobo And The Bullion.