In which half the cast means twice the booze. Tom S and Marsh discuss, with dwindling coherence, a double serving of DLC for Dark Souls 2 and Bioshock Infinite. Plus: taking FEZ for a spin and closing the loop in Silent Hills’ “playable teaser”.

Also! Why humanity is soon to be obsolete, dynamically generated Jane Austen novels, the “strange alien face of Ken Levine’s future”, genocide and jingles. Apologies to all the proper nouns that went missing during this recording, and a further apology still to “mechanics” which Marsh started substituting for pretty much every other word during the second half of the podcast. Our livers regret this error.

Show Notes

  • Bioshock Infinite’s Burial At Sea DLC – Tom’s advice is to read a wiki and skip straight to Episode Two.
  • Cotillion was the Jane Austen novel generator Marsh failed to remember, even though he wrote about it at length. But its creator was indeed Emily Short.
  • CGP Grey’s video about how every job will soon be done by a robot: Humans Need Not Apply.
  • Superbly beautiful platformer, FEZ.
  • The first two parts of Dark Souls 2 DLC trilogy are now out. Tom was talking about The Crown of the Sunken King. I’m sure we’ll have something to say about The Crown of the Old Iron King soon too.
  • Silent Hills’ Playable Teaser is only available on PS4 at the moment, but you can experience it vicariously through Youtube. Here’s a playthrough without commentary. And here’s one with our good buddy Kim cacking her pants.
  • The Banner Saga: a great turnbased tactics game with a branching story and resource management that deals so ruthlessly with its characters, and evokes them so well, that Marsh had to stop playing it. The coward.
  • Red Dead Redemption’s Mexico moment, soundtracked by Jose Gonzales. Illustrating the point that player action and soundtrack don’t always match, the player in this video doesn’t use this as a contemplative moment to observe the grand scenery, but just books it to the next objective. Heh.

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