In which special guest Phil Savage brings us tales of calamitous chair physics (and pickles) from vintage bugfest Boiling Point. Marsh interrogates robots in The Fall and Tom Senior puts a bit of stick about, courtesy of some snazzy peripherals.

Also: Gang Beasts is up on Early Access – should you buy it yet? Plus: what awaits us in the Diablo III update; shortform games for the vitamin-D-craving outdoorsman; gaming’s hottest bears (other than Log); and why you, yes you, are a wizard.

Show Notes

  • Go on a glitch safari with Arnold Vosloo in Boiling Point.
  • Boiling Point’s dubious sequel White Gold and the simultaneously developed sci-fi game using the same engine, The Precursors.
  • The studio, Deep Shadows, doesn’t appear to have released much since 2011, when it had resorted to making hidden object games. It’s not clear if it’s still a going concern.
  • Gang Beasts is a thing you can now give money to receive.
  • Intriguing Asimov-y adventure game, The Fall.
  • An expensive thing to break: the Hotas Warthog flightstick.
  • The Diablo III update means Double-Goblin Christmas.
  • Andy Kelly’s superb video series charting the landscapes of videogames: Other Places.
  • A pretty game to play in bursts: Burnout Paradise.
  • You can play the new Unreal Tournament as it gets built.

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