Tom S, Tom F and Graham gather to discuss the latest Ubifruits from this year’s release season, as Tom S squats on the stunted bollard of Assassin’s Creed Unity and Graham and Tom F scale the wonderful heights of Far Cry 4. Plus, Tom S puts himself on Overwatch, Tom F becomes an Endless Legend and Graham poops himself to death in NEO Scavenger.

Also discussed: Blizzard’s plan to take over the world and be quite good; why game communities are great; what we really think of Dota 2; which coin-op game we have fond memories of; what strategy games best introduce you to the genre; our favourite surreal games; and what we think of review scores.

  • It took a moment for both Tom and Graham to get Far Cry 4 working properly, but now it does, it’s great. Tom’s been posting videos.
  • Assassin’s Creed Unity’s bugs are the best bugs.
  • NEO Scavenger is Graham’s favourite game all year. A roguelike, permadeath, survival-focused Fallout 2.
  • Endless Legend picks up where Endless Space left off, as far as interesting 4X races goes.
  • This is Overwatch’s CG trailer with the unfortunate cockney.
  • The Outfoxies, an arcade beat-’em-up that Graham will talk about at any opportunity.
  • That sniper game was called Silent Scope. It was amazing.
  • Tangiers, a stealth game inspired by Burroughs and, maybe, early-’90s album covers.
  • That other surrealist stealth game Graham was thinking of was Somewhere. It might not be a stealth game anymore, though.
  • World in Conflict is an often overlooked strategy game with no base-building, an interesting campaign and really big nuclear explosions. It’s still for sale.
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