Marsh and Chris are joined by special guest Pip Warr to discuss Steam’s winter sale, ongoing troubles in the land of Early Access, Massive Chalice, Minecraft art games, Smite and more. Enhanced, as ever, by the timeless wisdom of Literal Chris Pratt.

Also discussed: eugenics, getting futurist art so wrong it makes Pip cry, human emotions that can and cannot be explored from a minecart, 2014 in videogames, Elite: Dangerous’ online-only woes, and the Jurassic Park theme. We are sorry about the Jurassic Park theme. We are not sorry.

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Chris Thursten
Pip Warr
Marsh Davies

A YouTube version will be available as soon as Chris gets around to it, the lazy devil.

Our intro music is by The Mandibles from their track Clambake. Many of the band members now tour as Count Bobo And The Bullion.

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