Marsh, Tom Senior and Chris are joined by Hello Games’ Alex Wiltshire to discuss VR, Unreal Tournament, The Deer God, Homeworld and more.

Plus! A brief return to Evolve, a moment of appreciation for Notch’s fabulous money, far too many impressions of Half-Life sound effects than are reasonable, and the further adventures of both virtual and actual Kevin Spacey. Would you get Raph Koster’s face on a koala tattooed on your back? Would anybody? This and other questions, answered.

Show notes:

  • Valve’s VR announcement isn’t a Half-Life announcement, obviously. Here’s Graham’s glowing write-up.
  • Knightmare: VR’s future is British TV’s ancient past.
  • In the grim darkness of the far future, Unreal Tournament makes YOU.
  • The Deer God. All about them ruminant mammals.
  • Evolve. Again? Dunno, probably not.
  • Look at Notch’s magnificent money photo on the cover of Money Magazine, the magazine for money.
  • Homeworld. “It’s actually a really fucking sad story. About a giant boomerang.”
  • In space, no-one can hear you over the sound of Adagio for Strings.
  • Desktop Tower Defence, a standout example of acapella sound design.

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