Marsh, Chris, Tom S and Graham convene under the shadow Bloodborne release week to discuss three PC specialties: the party-based RPG renaissance, Pillars of Eternity; the smart, familiar and inevitable Cities: Skylines; and the ratty Early Access tactics of Morheim: City of the Damned.

Also discussed: what console games we wish would come to PC; whether we’d wear pants that we found on the street; Chris’s idea for a Gotham city builder; and Tom’s inexplicable love of mediocre, three-year-old action games.

Show notes

  • Bloodborne is out. It’s not a PC game but due to popular demand (from Marsh), we’ll record a special podcast episode about it.
  • Pillars of Eternity is out and is on PC. Everyone seems to like it. Here’s PC Gamer’s review.
  • Cities: Skylines is out and Graham is inside of it, tinkering with his neighbourhoods and his road network.
  • Maxis closed down. Or at least, the original Maxis in Emeryville has. What remains is the Maxis that makes the Sims and is part of EA’s main campus, and which was previously called The Sims Studio.
  • You can edit the landscape in Cities Skylines, but using a separate editor and not while building your city. There are already thousands available to download – and pre-built saved cities – on the game’s Steam Workshop.
  • Mordheim: City of the Damned is out in Early Access, though the six months of public development its enjoyed so far has not done much to temper Marsh’s frustration with it.
  • The Bureau: XCOM Declassified was developed for much longer in private and the result is a game that’s a bit of a muddle, as Tom S has been discovering.
  • We’d like Mario Kart or Galaxy on PC, but in lieu of that, Mario Cars 2 is fair compensation.
  • Hungry for Bloodborne but don’t own a PlayStation 4? Darksiders 2 will not at all satisfy or scratch that same itch, but it is oddly enjoyable..
  • Singularity was not as good as Chris says it was, but it did ably ape the ideas of its better inspirations. Tom S should definitely play it.

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