Marsh, Chris and Graham gather on the mean streets of podtown to discuss angry characters in Grand Theft Auto V, angry plants in free-to-player shooter Survarium, and increasingly less angry Star Wars fans.

A shortish pod this week, but we also discuss our most embarrassing experiences playing videogames and what games you should play while holding a baby in one hand.

Show notes

  • Star Wars: Battlefront’s first trailer might not show any genuine in-game footage, but it does have spaceships and music and ooh. Also you should watch the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer again, because it also has spaceships, music and ooh.
  • Hey, we’re talking about Grand Theft Auto V again, but unlike last week you can now supplement our voices by reading Chris’s review and/or Graham’s review.
  • Fictional radio personality Lazlow Jones was not in the first Grand Theft Auto, and GTA3 was his first appearance.
  • Free-to-play, spritual Stalker successor, and multiplayer shooter Survarium has been in beta for some time. Marsh caught up with it this week to see how it had progressed and you can read more on his thoughts over here.
  • The RPS article Graham shamelessly references in the podcast is this one on over the shoulder baby gaming. Useful if you’ve got baby shoulders between you and your mouse.

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