Marsh, Tom F and Graham discuss what they’re looking forward to at E3, the flurry of pre-E3 walk ’em up announcements, Tom’s varying opinions of Neon Struct, Marsh’s opinions of the varying episodes of Life is Strange, and Graham’s opinions on various games he’s caught up with, including Invisible Inc and the Witcher 3.

Show notes

  • Daniel Hindes used to do Mirror’s Edge speedruns and these are satisfying to watch.
  • Alec Meer calls Neon Struct a full game of Deus Ex’s Liberty Island level.
  • And Nathan Grayson digs its old-school stealth purity.
  • 2K’s mystery teaser site for an unannounced game that looks to break new narrative ground by featuring a sinister corporation we must resist.
  • Perception is about exploring a house as a blind person, where sounds are basically vision grenades.
  • This American Life’s podcast featuring a blind person with extremely well developed echolocation, describing how it’s changed his life.
  • What Remains of Edith Finch is the other walk ’em up we discuss. Tip for us: remember Edith’s surname by noting the company’s bird-theme: Giant Sparrow previously made The Unfinished Swan. Tip for the devs: should have called them White Game About Paint and Sad Game About Deaths.
  • Life is Strange, Episode 2 is Interestingly Shite, Episode 3 is Interestingly Good.
  • Rose and Time is Sophie Houlden’s ingenious stealth game about hiding from your past selves to avoid time paradoxes.
  • Butcher is a bloody side-scrolling shooter from the Soldat guys.
  • Grand Theft Auto Pacifist is brilliant Let’s Play series by GoldVision. Everything else by GoldVision is also great.

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