Chris, Tom and Graham gather in the podcave to discuss the brief appearance of Batman: Arkham Knight, the possible disappearance of indie developer Tale of Tales and the editable appearance of Dota Reborn.

Plus: indie sales figures, why we like non-lethal methods in games, the Steam top ten (for reasons), whether anything is as fun as violence, and the power of lab coats and the terror of red tshirts.

Show notes

  • Tale of Tales have closed down sort of not really. Here’s their post explaining why they think Sunset didn’t sell better and why they won’t be making games in future.
  • Prompted by the above, David Pittman shared some sales figures of Neon Struct and Eldritch on his Twitter feed. These are the relevant tweets and threads of tweets.
  • Whereas here’s Pittman’s brother on the sales of his own Super Win The Game.
  • Here’s Andy Kelly’s review of the excellent detective game Her Story over at PC Gamer. No spoilers.
  • Batman Arkham Knight launched on PC this past week. Then it was unlaunched shortly afterwards. When will Batman Returns?
  • Dota Reborn quietly came out as an optional new version of Dota 2. It’s the first Source 2 game and it has a new suite of editing tools. Here’s Chris on why it matters.
  • Here’s the article on RPS about the community development of Unreal Tournament.
  • Masq! Masq! Masq!
  • Riot use “priming” to try to shape the behaviour of their players, encouraging them to be kind not cruel. They’ve given talks about it at GDC a number of times, and here’s one of those times.

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