We love making the Crate & Crowbar podcast and after recording 100 episodes, we’d love to do more with it. You keep asking us if there’s a way to support it – maybe we can combine these facts!

Head to our Patreon page to make a donation, should the mood take you.

If you’d like to chuck us a dollar or two per episode, we’ll put that into a Crate & Crowbar company account that we can use to pay for web hosting costs, possible live events, and to pay the freelancers among us for our time when we do C&C side projects – such as our Dark Souls II playthrough. That money will let us do more of those kinds of projects.

For the sake of transparency: none of the money goes to those of us in full-time employment of Future (because of contracts) or to Tom F (doesn’t need it).

How it works

  • We release one new episode every week on a Friday.
  • Whatever you pledge per episode, it gets totted up at the end of the month and sent to us.
  • You can cancel your pledge at any time during the month, and you won’t be charged at the end of that month.
  • If we miss a week, you don’t get charged for it obviously.
  • If we ever do more than one episode per week, we won’t charge you for any extra ones.
  • And that’s it. Thanks if you do, no worries if you don’t. We still love you.