Tom F, Chris and Marsh talk Patreon gratitude, dodging the FPS Police, losing to vegetation in Caves of Qud, throwing a mushroom-hating corpse into a prison in The Magic Circle, researching your enemies in a Dota 2 tournament, and premature celebration at Evo.

Also: were modding tools friendly than game-making ones are now? Should games stop you from playing too much? How can we improve our sound quality? And what the fuck is going on with Star Citizen and Derek Smart?

Show notes:

Could we be doing a better job of range compression on the pod? If so, tell us how! We use Audacity. Here are the compression settings we use, and what the pod looks like before compression:

poddpression befroe

Here’s what it looks like after compression (and the amplify settings we use):

Amplify before

So yes, you can now chuck a buck or two per pod into the Crate and Crowbar kitty if you wish! Thanks to all who are already doing so. The place to do it is our Patreon, where we also detail what kind of things the money will be used for.

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