Chris, Graham and Tom F are joined by Elite Dangerous and Gunpoint artist John Roberts, who is extra welcome this week as the only person who’s played anything other than Metal Gear Solid V. Once the rest of us finish enthusing about that, he’ll tell you about isometric horror Stasis.

Also: Ubisoft’s theme park, great jam games, and re-using game worlds. Show notes:

  • Ubi’s theme-park announcement
  • Metal Gear Solid V’s Diamond Dog drawing a knife and cutting a man’s throat
  • Isometric horror adventure Stasis
  • Graham mentions Project IGI, which I’m just now learning stood for ‘I’m Going In’. Our friend Will Porter did this retrospective
  • Alan Hazelden’s sticky puzzler is indeed called Slime Saga, and the rest of his PuzzleScript games are all here
  • Jonathan Whiting’s Blood Worm, made for the same game jam as Slime Saga
  • His other game I’m struggling to think of, about reshuffling the rooms, is Craequ
  • Funnily enough Whiting and Hazelden once made a game together, so I’ll link that too: Traal
  • Guest John Roberts’ excellent parody of JRPGS, Like Clockwork, made for Fuck This Jam: a game jam about making a game in a genre you hate.

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