Tom, Marsh, Graham and special guest Rich Stanton gather to discuss the failings of BBC drama The Gamechangers, terrible psychological studies, and their thoughts on Circa Infinity, Undertale and Hearthstone’s The Grand Tournament expansion.

Also discussed: the perils of free-to-play game deisgn; the joys of physics explorer Grow Home, which games we always carry with us; which genres we were surprised did or didn’t take off; the best singleplayer game to play with friends; what questions we’d want to ask gamers if we were assured a truthful answer, and details about our teeth.

Show notes

  • The Gamechangers is still available to watch in the UK on iPlayer. You shouldn’t though.
  • Here’s Kotaku’s article which rounded up some of the Twitter responses to The Gamechangers. Rockstar’s derision is entertaining, but it’s the former staff of DMA that interest me.
  • The Horizon episode and Girls Can Code are both also available on iPlayer. Probably also not worth watching, but all of this is part of the BBC’s admirable Make It Digital campaign.
  • Here’s an article about the supposedly addictive powers of Steam Card Trading.
  • Circa Infininty is out! Tom had some difficulty with its controls, but you might not.
  • Undertale is out! It’s had almost universal praise, though Tom had trouble with its random encounters.
  • Grow Home came out last year! Not enough people have played it, but it’s lovely.
  • Hearthstone‘s Grand Tournament expansion came out a few weeks back, though the changes it has made seem mostly to make the random number generator a big part of the game.
  • Starseed Observatory is a website dedicated to Starseed Pilgrim. It hasn’t been updated in a long while but it’s a lovely thing.
  • And this is the website which Rich mentions that rates every game in comparison to Dark Souls. A noble pursuit.
  • Here’s the lovely image listener Skoo made, referenced by Marsh on the podcast and the inspiration for its ending.

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