Tune in for top Tudor bants from Chris, Graham, Marsh and “special” guest, Pip Warr. Also: Wildstar’s gone wild, the moral pachinko of Life Is Strange, the manners of 80 Days, the aural oddities of Panoramical and the pig hats of Hardland.

Plus: the exact state of Henry VIII’s legs; when it’s okay to reload; games that break the rules, the mnemonic indelibility of certain mechanics; some stuff about football or whatever; games as English Lit.

Show notes

  • Wildstar, a chirpy sci-fi MMO with cool combat, is free to play!
  • Pip is totally right and everyone else is an ignorant pig not worthy to snuffle at the scraps of apple peel from her mighty table of knowledge: Oliver Cromwell totally DID cancel Christmas. Or at least his ruling party did.
  • Hardland is an interesting and ambitious RPG with a cool art-style and a rubbish name. Marsh wrote about it for RPS.
  • Pip is totally right again and Henry VIII did have manky legs. “Such was the degree of infection in the King’s lower limbs that he was unable to move from the bed and the putrid smell of gangrene hung over the entire room.”
  • Moral pachinko games, or Emo-Flo-Cha-Sims, Life Is Strange and Until Dawn.
  • Interactive fiction Masq, is still probably the best example of these sorts of games, and no one in it says, “The butterfly effect! BOSH!”
  • Casualty and Holby City are long-running, entirely crap hospital soap operas here in the UK. They made an interactive episode recently, which Pip wrote about.
  • Black Closet: saucy highschool detective stuff.
  • 80 Days is a brilliant adventure with maybe the best writing that’s ever been in a game. Meg Jayanth is responsible for that and should probably be given a lot of money by someone.
  • You’ll love the Eurodance puke zone of Panoramical.
  • Foot of Balls Management: 2016 Editions
  • The Talos Principle, The Stanley Parable and Cotillion are all games we might consider putting on a Eng Lit syllabus. Cotillion never got released commercially, which is probably some sort of crime, but you can read something about it here.

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