Chris, Graham and Tom Senior join a one-time returning guest (it’s a microphone) to discuss Overwatch, the rise and fall of Mouse Universe 25, Wheels of Aurelia, and other things I guess.

Also: SimAnt, HAC, the PC’s most useless peripherals, hype, and so on.

Show notes

  • Overwatch! It’s in beta now. Post-pod, Chris has a few more developed thoughts on it. They’re here, if you like.
  • Here’s an article about Mouse Universe 25, a terrible mouse universe all things considered.
  • SimAnt, a predecessor to Dwarf Fortress and the like. They’re very similar. You could say the differenace was a matter of SimAntics I’ll leave.
  • Wheels of Aurelia – almost a brilliant narrative driving game, but not quite.
  • Also, HAC – another game about a European road trip..
  • Why are you, Novint Falcon?

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