In which our beauties are in place. Tom F and Marsh are joined by excellent nice man, AI expert and actual doctor, Mike Cook. They discuss: Master Spy, Kingdom, Nuclear Throne, Rainbow Six, Dark Nexus Arena and Pony Island.

Plus: what Mike and Marsh have been making together; whether our Ocu-lust has been diminished by the newly announced VR hardware price points; the last year’s AI highlights; what artificial intelligence even is anyway; the most awesome Awesome Games Done Quick; and why horses should fear Marsh’s inner sociopath.

Show notes:

  • Mike Cook is a very smart man. He made Angelina, which, in turn, makes games. He also runs Procjam. And now, newly announced, he’s making Rogue Process with help and well-meaning hindrance from Marsh.
  • Ultima Ratio Regum is a very impressive game which uses procedural generation.
  • Desert Golfing is a deceptively simple mobile game that messes with your perception of authorship.
  • Moonhunters is an upcoming game of exceptional promise, in which you create your own mythology by playing.
  • The Oculus price was announced – millions of wallets suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.
  • You should probably wait for the Vive anyway, sez Tom.
  • Here’s the trailer for the VR stealth game we mention, called Budget Cuts.
  • Master Spy is a punishing platformer about stealth.
  • Awesome Games Done Quick happened! There are lots of videos. Find the ones we mentioned here.
  • Apparently someone did a No Gold Pacifist run of Spelunky.
  • Kingdom is a sidescrolling citybuilder that Tom F enjoyed but will likely never play again.
  • Nuclear Throne is a top-down shooter that Tom F is intermittently very angry about but seemingly can’t stop playing.
  • Rainbow Six: Siege is GOTY for all past and future years, according to Marsh’s erratic whim.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dark Nexus Arena is a MOBA which seems intent on releasing parts of itself into Early Access in exactly the wrong order.
  • Pony Island is a funny, weird game about a crap arcade game possessed by a demon.
  • Tom’s infamous “Plan B” Gal Civ diary is temporarily lost to us thanks to CVG’s demise, but you can still read his earlier Gal Civ diary in which he plays a slightly less pacifist race of space bunnies.

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