Tom F, Chris, and Graham discuss Hitman is going fully episodic, whether That Dragon Cancer needs to be a game, climbing on people in Dragon’s Dogma, reporting meadows in Firewatch, interrupting teens in Oxenfree, and what we’re most looking forward to this year.

Show notes:

  • Hitman’s gone episodic. It was going to launch with 4 locations and more to come, now it’ll launch with 2 and get a new one every month. You can still pay $60 to pre-buy it all.
  • That Dragon, Cancer‘s top Steam tags are Indie Adventure Narration Singleplayer Horror, by the way. The forums are no fun.
  • Dragon’s Dogma is out on PC now, reasonably cheap, very good, and lets you climb on big people.
  • Little Party is a short story game about your daughter’s all-nighter party. Little Party never killed nobody, a plus for any game.
  • Firewatch is out 10th of Feb. If you see something bucolic, say something bucolic.
  • Oxenfree is by Night School Studio, and is a beautiful and cool semi-horror adventure game out now.
  • Reap is a gorgeous little free game about maps and survival and turnips.
  • Cook Serve Delicious is about food. Kairosoft do indeed do a food service game on mobile: Cafeteria Nipponica.
  • My Friend Pedro: Blood, Bullets, Bananas shot to the top of Tom’s most-wanted with a few swift gifs. Watch them all in the dev blogs here.
  • Graham’s most-wanted-drive-around-with-your-uncle game Jalopy was previously called Hac.
  • Graham’s also excited about Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, because of how you’re a spaceport janitor.

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