In which there is Major Pod News! Graham, Marsh, Tom S and Chris discuss life-changes, beat the Firewatch sasquatch, have a very civil civil war over XCOM 2 and leave Street Fighter V to nurse its wounds.

Plus: things Lara can do with a baked bean tin, the charms and challenges of Elite’s standalone dogfighting mode, lethal UI interactions, brinksmanship with poison, avoiding time travel dev disaster, laser-flavoured flavour text and frustratingly poor mic discipline throughout.

Show Notes:

  • COBALT. What a game.
  • Hey, have you heard of this game called Minecraft? It’s pretty cool.
  • Firewatch – a walking simulator set in an American national park with a wistful sensibility.
  • Chris Donlan’s article about Firewatch’s narrative convolutions, which much more eloquently expresses what Marsh was trying to say.
  • Turnbased tactics game XCOM 2. Is it good? Is it bad? Sounds like a 50% chance to hit.
  • Tom F has been charting his exasperation with / addiction to the game in video form.
  • An enjoyable XCOM 2 gif.
  • Street Fighter V – its credible thighs are undermined by threadbare costumes and content both.

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