Marsh, Tom F and Chris talk about their terrible marriages, Marsh explains why no-one dies in the new Hitman beta, Tom recounts his overpowered XCOM team’s most humiliating defeat, and Chris brags about his score in Devil Daggers. Also discussed: Californium, Prospekt, Street Fighter V, the Vive’s price, and good gaming coffee table books.

Show notes:

  • Californium is a game about a messed up writer who can move between realities, which explains why Marsh likes it.
  • Californium is indeed a real element, a man-made radioactive metal first synthesised at the University of California.
  • The various GIFs and vids we discuss from the Hitman Beta, collated by PC Gamer.
  • Prospekt is an unofficial continuation of Opposing Force’s story, made in Source. Marsh doesn’t think much of it.
  • The PCG Weekender is on March 5-6 in London, you can try the Vive there, and tickets are on sale now.
  • Tom’s calamitous attempt to complete a tricky XCOM 2 mission using his B-team of misfits and noobs.
  • Devil Daggers is £4, and it is hell.
  • Street Fighter V is out, but missing much of what it needs.

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