…therefore there’s not going to be a new episode this week. This has never happened before, except during pre-planned breaks around Christmas, but now it has. I’m working late all week before heading to France for a work thing. Tom F is working late all week, and then he’s going to Rezzed. Tom S is in Canada. Marsh remains in an unmarked gra Sweden, and Graham’s baby vigil continues. The advent of of the Age of Pip is still a week or so away. And even if we were able to get something recorded over Skype, there’s nobody free to edit and upload it.

Here’s what you’re missing, incidentally.

“I think Doom is quite good.” – Chris

Make that last half an hour and you’re most of the way there.

In the meantime, you might want to check out the revamped PC Gamer UK podcast. You’ll get to hear more of Tom S’s hot hot takes if you click back an episode or so. You might also like Daft Souls. Pip’s on the latest one!

We’ll be back next week.