Chris, Pip and Tom F discuss the many things that piqued their interest amongst the E3 trailer storm. Full list, with fresh footage of each:

And lastly, it’s high time we linked the downloadable savegame of the extraordinary Crate & Crowbar tavern Kane and the community made in Dwarf Fortress. Kane says:

The savegame is up on the Crate and Dwarf Bar page now.  If you’re going to use a vanilla Dwarf Fortress install, you’ll want to use the ASCII version of the save.  If you’re going to use the Starter Pack, which comes with the Phoebus tileset installed by default, use the Phoebus version.  There’re also instructions for how to use it with other tilesets.

I’ve also included the Legends exports, if you want to go diving into those.  The Legends viewer I recommend is Legends Browser.  The Starter Pack comes with it, and like five other legends viewers.

The most obvious things in the save that aren’t in the screenshot galleries are the various game figurines and engravings that we used as decorations around the fort–there’s one on the second floor in the hallway between the bookkeeper’s and manager’s offices, for instance.  If you play out the game in Fort mode, there’s also something that’s scheduled to happen sometime in the Summer.  All I’ll say is that we didn’t make it happen intentionally, but it is a consequence of our extravagance.

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