Chris, Pip and Tom S climb into the hot takes hot rod to deliver searingly mild opinions on the ARK controversy, Seasons After Fall, Battlefield 1 and more.

Plus: Pip’s rom-com MMO, things that are or aren’t butter depending on your point of view, and a hit-or-miss attempt at answering your questions.

  • Ark devs respond to their DLC controversy.
  • Here’s Holly Nielsen’s article about 7 Days To Die.
  • ECO is using a high-priced alpha to gate the initial community.
  • The lovely-looking Seasons After Fall doesn’t quite have a design to match its visuals.
  • Chris and Tom claim to have no opinions about Battlefield 1, and then do.
  • Here’s that Star Citizen GamesCom demo again.
  • Fuck you, I’m the Mako.
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