Tom F, Chris and Pip discuss Fractured Space, Wheels of Aurelia and Virginia while checking in on Star Wars: Battlefront and Hitman. Plus: mum-approved VR experiences, visible indiscretions, and cakes from John Lewis.

  • Here’s Battlefront’s new Death Star dulk. Fine, DLC.
  • …also Star Wars: Rebellion, a board game, which is better.
  • Fractured Space is a spaceship MOBA thing so don’t look surprised that Chris is playing it.
  • Perhaps the orange car in Wheels of Aurelia is a metaphor or something.
  • Hitman’s in Bangkok now.
  • Scan through this YouTube video for snippets of the appalling writing and acting in Hitman’s Gary Busey elusive target. Also he turns into a boat at the end.
  • Here’s Virginia, the Twin Peaks/X-Files/30 Flights of Loving-ish game that Pip has been playing.
  • Our list of VR games for newcomers includes Valve’s The Lab, Tilt Brush, Job Simulator, and Budget Cuts.
  • Here’s Pip’s article about what happens to your digital assets when you die.

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