Tom F, Pip and John gather to discuss the big No Man’s Sky update, adventure games convention Adventure X, Watch Dogs 2, strange interactive scenes in ISLANDS, and yes, inevitably a bit of Dishonored 2.

  • First proper vid of Signal From Tolva being played.
  • You can watch Pip tangle with ambling weirdos in the No Man’s Sky vids on her YouTube.
  • The talks from narrative games conference AdventureX are going up here.
  • Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is an adventure game about the British empire fleeing to space. So is Sunless Skies, kinda?
  • Tom’s stealthy Corvo run of Dishonored 2 is so stealthy you can’t see it, but you can watch him do the Duke’s palace as an angry Emily.
  • Watch Underscore Dogs Space Two is out, and seems to have met a warm reception but the tutorial sucks, says Pip.
  • If you want to tell Carl Burton his ISLANDS is ‘not a game’, he’s pre-empted you by proclaiming they’re not even places. Put that in your ceci n’est pas une pipe and toke it.
  • Room of 1000 Snakes is here but it doesn’t run in Chrome. It is indeed by Ben Esposito.
  • If you’re looking for decision-based games to play with friends, they don’t get much more decision-based than perennial podcast favourite Masq.
  • Sorcery!

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