Hi, gang! As we discussed at the beginning of episode 171 – before things got out of hand – we’re bringing back the Patreon. There’s plenty of information about our plans on the Patreon page itself, but here’s the short version:

For the duration of Tom Francis’ stint in Seattle, the core podcast team is down to me, Pip, and Tom Senior. We’d like to use Patreon funds to help bring in guests from further afield to ensure that the pod continues to be as good/silly/insightful/wayward as it can be. We’d also like to branch the podcast in weird new directions and to be able to pay our contributors for the time it takes to do so.

Hence the Patreon. We’ve still got some money left over from the last time we crowdfunded the podcast, but once we know how much we’re likely to pull in per episode then we’ll be able to scope out exactly what the future holds. If you like the podcast enough to chip in $1 per episode, you’ll help us do more of it.

We’re also looking into monthly and one-off payment options for people who want them. More on that later.

There’s been a bit of speculation on Discord about what form a Crate & Crowbar spinoff podcast might take, most of it centred around whether a Dota podcast would be the best or worst thing ever (the answer: both.)

That’s not what we’re doing. In fact, we’re all keen to expand the remit of Crate & Crowbar beyond PC gaming. That’ll always be the subject of our weekly podcast, but the diversity of people and passions in our community mirrors our own broad interests. That includes roleplaying, tabletop games, console games, movies, film, TV and so on.

With that in mind, I’m excited to say that myself and Tom Senior will be launching a new monthly miniatures and tabletop wargaming podcast, beginning in February.

That might not be your bag. That’s cool! We’d suggest that you give it a try, and if it’s not for you, there’ll be other spinoffs. We want to make cool hobby and pop-culture-minded things for cool hobby and pop-culture-minded people. Thanks for being those people.

…and thansferreadin, errybody.