In this debut episode of the Crate and Crowbar’s spinoff miniatures podcast, Chris and Tom discuss Age of Sigmar and how they returned to hobby gaming. We talk about what we’ve found valuable about building and painting tiny plastic people, the background to Age of Sigmar and our armies, and what we’ve enjoyed about telling stories in this new setting.

Plus: our recent painting and modelling projects – including actual tips (!) – and a tentative attempt at a battle report. We’re very much figuring out Miniatures Monthly as we go: when we started recording this one, we didn’t even know what it was going to be called.

Each week, we’ll illustrate the podcast with photos of the models and games that we discuss.¬†You’ll find them, and the episode, below.

A selection of Tom’s Stormcast

The beginnings of Chris’ Tzeentch army

Tom’s Lord-Celestant

Tom’s Knight-Venator

One of Tom’s Fulminators

Tom’s Lord-Veritant

Tom’s Knight-Heraldor

Chris’ Gaunt Summoner

Chris’ Ogroid Thaumaturge

Chris’ Chaos Sorcerer Lord conversion

Chris’ Herald of Tzeentch

Chris’ Realm of Metal-themed Slaughterpriest

Chris’ metallic Horus Heresy Thousand Sons test model

The next set of shots are from our most recent game, which went very well for Tom

Gribbly pink buggers and lovely star-capes

One Liberator falls down, but he is the exception to the rule

This keeps happening

Tom’s Prosecutors illustrate one of the ways that he’s tinkering with the Hammers of Sigmar colour scheme

The Gaunt Summoner lives on the vortex, dies on the vortex. The game didn’t take long after this

You can find Chris on Twitter at @CThursten and Instagram as Exitwarp. You can also find his hobby blog here. Tom’s on Twitter at @PCGLudo.

You can expect a new episode of Miniatures Monthly on the last Tuesday of every month. We definitely didn’t pick that date because today is Tuesday, the final day of February, the month that we promised we’d launch this podcast in. That definitely isn’t the case, shut up.

There are changes to come in the months ahead. We’re currently looking for original music for the intro, and we’d happily take your suggestions for future episodes. If you’d like to get in touch, you can contact us at (or via the traditional questions-from-questions address, as we suggest in the episode itself. That’s

This project is made possible by the Crate and Crowbar Patreon. Thank you to all of our supporters, and if miniatures aren’t your bag: don’t worry. We’ve got more on the way.

You can listen to this episode on YouTube, if you prefer, and find all other episodes in the series via this playlist.

Thanks for listening, everybody! Miniatures Monthly will return on Tuesday 28th of March.