This month, Chris and Tom discuss… loads. From the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 to truescale space marines, Shadow War: Armageddon and getting into the Horus Heresy books, there is nowhere this circular space-thingy of swirling tangents cannot go.

Plus: our initial impressions of Burning of Prospero, Chris’ initial impressions of Fantasy Flight’s Runewars, tournament sportsmanship, painting tips, X-Wing’s business model, and more.

Two quick notes!

  • We recorded this episode as the South Coast GT Age of Sigmar event was in progress but before a winner had emerged. Tom’s comments on the relative health of the factional metagame were based on the presence of Death and Sylvaneth on that first day, although it looks like Tzeentch (and Chaos more broadly) was rather over-represented in terms of the eventual winners.
  • Chris’ early X-Wing tournament diary, mentioned by one listener, can be found here.

Tom’s Space Wolves, including Geigor, his Veteran Sergeant, and his Sister Superior.

Chris’ Tartaros-Pattern Terminators.

Chris’ Ahriman.

A work-in-progress shot of Ahriman, who was painted in four sub-assemblies.

Our battle report this month is the first scenario of Burning of Prospero. This was our deployment setup: the empty bases off the board indicate the ‘exit zones’ that Tom’s Space Wolves had to reach.

After Chris’ Thousand Sons fail to create a wall of fire to block Tom’s advance, Geigor charges three squares into the retreating Sons. He then kills two of them, and shooting kills the other two.

Tom’s Space Wolves consolidate their position in front of the surviving Tactical Marines, who block the exit.

Three critical hits from Geigor, the Sister Superior and Tom’s Veteran Sergeant kill three of Chris’ marines in a single attack.

Chris’ surviving squad has one last shot at stopping Tom’s Space Wolves: casting a wall of fire on the exit.

The casting attempt succeeds! This spell only lasts one turn, but can – hypothetically – be case every turn, forcing Tom to redirect his forces.

Chris wins the initiative on this turn, moving the Terminator Sergeant up to pin one squad. He attacks them with his power sword, and misses.

On the next turn, Chris fails to cast another wall of fire but succeeds in resurrecting his Veteran Sergeant. He then wins initiative. If he can succeed in killing those two marines in combat and move up to occupy their square, they will pin Tom’s other units and prevent victory. They miss.

An unhindered Geigor happily charges off the board to continue murdering people. What a hero. Tom wins!

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