After two-and-something years, we’re finally doing Bloodborne! Over the coming weeks and months, Chris and Tom S will be playing through the entirety of From Software’s brilliant but sadly console-only Souls sequel. It may take a long time, but we’re not going to stop until we can finally say, with certainty, that this town’s finished.

Expect a new episode of C&C Plays Bloodborne every Sunday. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to get a notification whenever new videos go up, or simply bookmark the playlist to keep track of all of this #content.

This has very literally been made possible by our Patreon backers: we’ve used the money you’ve given us to buy the capture kit and software we needed to do this to a decent standard. C&C’s new video output also benefits from the audio setup that our Patreon initially provided – hopefully, these will be the slickest and most professional vids we’ve ever done in every regard except, y’know, the people involved.

Short version: thank you. For more information on supporting us via Patreon, click here.