Chris, Tom F and Tokyo 42 creators Sean and Maciek discuss Tokyo 42, game secrets, Far Cry 5, Offworld Trading Company, Forts, Edith Finch and loads more.

As is said at the beginning of this episode, we hit our first serious technical problems while recording this week. As such there are a few gaps and one section that cuts off abruptly – we’ve done what we can to salvage the vast majority of the hot hot takes we spent so long extruding from our faces, but there were a few casualties. Sorry! We’ve figured out what went wrong, so hopefully it won’t happen again.

  • Tokyo 42! It’s out next week. There’s a cat in it.
  • Here’s the trailer for Redline, an influence on Tokyo 42.
  • There is probably more information about Far Cry 5 on this website now than there is when I am writing this.
  • Tom has returned to Offworld Trading Company, a game about running a company that trades things, offworld.
  • Forts is a physics-based RTS about, er, forts.
  • Maciek likes to move his head around in Project Cars.
  • Dear Esther. Damn, it feels good to be in the Hebrides.
  • We’re still impressed by the macabre, beautifully crafted What Remains of Edith Finch.
  • Exanima’s dynamic combat feels like a successor to Die By The Sword. (Tom F’s note: this is the same game I was thinking of with the boring-sounding title, because it used to be called Sui Generis)
  • Three Twenty One is an adventure game about bereavement.

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