Tom and Chris discuss Warhammer Fest, the 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000, Golden Demon, Age of Sigmar Skirmish, and loads more.

Plus: developing painting styles for different settings, the evolution of the Space Marine battle coffin, highlighting red, discovering your limits, and the ongoing doot debate.

  • The Thousand Sons elites that Chris is trying to remember the name of are the Khenentai Occult Blade Cabal.
  • That amazing, Slayer Sword-winning Nagash diorama can be seen at the top of the official Warhammer Fest live blog, along with some other Golden Demon pics.

Tom’s Veritant and building-leveling Lord of Honks stand atop some of Tom’s fun-to-paint new scenery.

Tom’s been practicing his blending on these Vanguard-Raptors.

What happens at the Bloodnado stays at the Bloodnado.

Chris’ first 80s cyberpunk Harlequin.

Another view.

Chris’ other Harlequin.

Our tiny starter warbands line up at the start of our first Skirmish game.

“Hello, sorry, hi, do you know how I can get to the Bloodnado?” “Certainly. Just take a left at the Starnado, and if you get to the Sepulchre of Infinite Skulls you’ve gone too far.”

Tom’s second Liberator falls in combat, but the Relictor is able to finish off the Gaunt Summoner in a final duel.

Tom’s bolstered warband lines up at the start of our second Skirmish game.

Chris’ Gaunt Summoner, one of nine expressions of the fathomless will of Tzeentch, hides behind a wall.

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