Tom and Chris go deep on the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, from lore to big space marines to the appeal of the grimdark and our future plans.

Plus: a return to Prospero, which is still on fire; how we learned to stop worrying and love not painting the parts of miniatures you’ll never see; troublesome warp plumbing; things millennials like.

In a podcast first, Games Workshop announced Reivers, Primaris Librarians, and new starter kits for Warhammer 40,000 while we were recording this episode. As such, much of our speculation now sounds adorably naive. Sorry!

Tom’s Vanguard Hunter.

Tom’s Stardrake test head.

Tom’s Stormcast clash with a Mournghul and its horse.

Chris’ Shadow War Harlequins.

Chris’ Death Guard test models.

A few Thousand Sons from Chris’ second squad.

Deployment at the start of our second Burning of Prospero game. Tom’s scattered Space Wolves and Sisters of Silence face a full Terminator Squad, and Ahriman.

Tom leaves one unusually durable Marine behind to slow the Thousand Sons advance, and his bolters take down a Terminator.

Ahriman and the surviving lightning claw Terminator make short work of these wolves, but it’s a delaying measure.

No more Thousand Sons lose their lives, but Tom’s Space Wolves make them work for every square gained as the Sisters retreat.

Ahriman and the Terminators charge the surviving Sisters on the final turn and kill two, but the survivors live to claim victory for Tom.

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