Tom and Chris discuss news, Chris’ changing relationship with X-Wing, Armies on Parade, and bring a year-spanning narrative campaign to a dramatic close.

Plus: meditations on community management, our future plans for our Age of Sigmar armies, first impressions of the new wave of Age of Sigmar fiction, and loads more.

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Chris’ Armies on Parade display board at Games Workshop in Bath.

The Changeling in a horde of Horrors on Chris’ Armies on Parade board.

Chris’ Gaunt Summoner, atop a Balewind Vortex, atop an Armies on Parade board.

Ominously backlit by the neon green board behind him, Chris’ former Chaos Sorcerer Lord steps out onto the balcony.

Tom’s Branchwych and freshly-assembled Kurnoth Hunters.

More Sylvaneth!

One of Tom’s work-in-progress Kurnoth Hunters.

Tom’s band of Wanderers, emerging from a wood (right before fleeing back into the wood.)

Tom’s Stormcast forces laid out before the final battle of our year-spanning narrative campaign.

Chris’ Chaos Sorcerer Lord and the Lord-Castellant he subsequently became.

Tom’s Lord-Castellant faces his former master across the ruins of the civilization he once doomed. It’s time for the last battle of this storyline!

Tom’s Stormcast form a defensive line around the redeemed Lord-Castellant, who must reach his former sanctum to break the connection between this part of Chamon and the Realm of Chaos.

The Changeling, concealing itself among the Eternals’ unexpected Wanderer allies, makes a nuisance of itself at the back.

Seizing the power of the nearby ruins, the Gaunt Summoner rises above the battlefield on a column of celestial energy (again). As he slays a Retributor, the Ogroid Thaumaturge, Burning Chariot and Pink Horrors on Chris’ right flank charge forward.

Tom’s Vanguard Hunters, held in reserve, exploit a narrow window of opportunity to ambush the Gaunt Summoner. The vortex keeps their crossbow bolts at bay for the time being.

Tom’s Lord-Celestant, Tantrus, makes a counter-charge that smashes the Burning Chariot to pieces. A pair of Fulminators descend from Azyr, and the three Dracoths collectively annihilate the Thaumaturge with their lightning breath. The Tzeentchian right flank is completely broken.

The Wanderers charge through the slow Stormcast defensive line to take position alongside the Longstrike crossbowmen, who land several key hits on the Lord of Change.

Chris’ Lord of Change annihilates the Longstrike crossbows and pulls the rest of the daemons into an aggressive formation on his left flank. Combined fire from the Pink Horrors rout the Wanderers, but the Flamers are killed when the Knight-Heraldor blows his horn at the nearby ruin.

The lone survivor of Chris’ right flank flees Tom’s Fulminators. On the other side of the ruin, the Gaunt Summoner is slain by the Vanguard-Hunters.

Tantrus returns to the centre of the board to lead the surviving Stormcast into battle.

Meanwhile, at the back, a multi-stage melee battle ensues between the Changeling and the Lord-Castellant’s Gryph-hound.

Chris’ Kairic Acolytes sell their lives dearly keeping Tom’s Vanguard-Hunters from reaching the Lord of Change.

Screamers assault the Liberators on Tom’s right flank, supported by a Herald who returns them to the fight using Fold Reality.

The Lord of Change eliminates the final Retributors and opens a path to the Lord-Castellant.

Then, turning his lantern on his former master, the Lord-Castellant brings the Lord of Change down to a single wound. Striking from the forest, the Lord-Relictor summons a lightning bolt that banishes the greater daemon for good. The remaining Stormcast close ranks around the Castellant, wheeling to charge the surviving Tzeentch forces.

The Branchwych, a new ally, kills a few Pink Horrors of her own. The Knight-Heraldor blows his horn at the nearby forest for no reason whatsoever, injuring her and killing a Judicator.

Chris’ Tzaangor – the last mortals on the field – die to Tom’s Vanguard-Hunters.

In a last-ditch effort to slay the hated turncoat, Chris’ last hero – the Herald on Disc – charges the Lord-Castellant. He fails to land a hit, and is promptly sliced in half. With that, the horde dissipates – and the path to the sanctum is clear.

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