Tom and Chris round up the latest news and rumours, embark on a new Skirmish campaign, get deeper into Shadespire, and share bone and skintone tips.

Plus: Khorne on the cob, uses for 480 points worth of dogs, Guilliman vs. snail, the most edible Primarchs, encouraging narrative play, and lots of nonsense besides.

Two of Tom’s Dryads, in his lovely Sylvaneth colour scheme.

Tom’s Branchwych.

Chris’ Stormcast warband for Shadespire, done in the colours of the Celestial Vindicators.

Chris’ Shadespire Bloodreavers.

Finally, Chris’ Orruks.

Our Khorne and Sylvaneth forces come at each other from strange angles at the beginning of our new Skirmish campaign. The now-dormant tower of Chris’ former Chaos Sorcerer Lord looms over the battlefield.

Two of the Bloodreavers stick close to Chris’ Slaughterpriest. This will prove to be a good idea.

Suddenly facing two Dryads, Karsus decides to sprint across the rubble to his left. It turns out to be concealing a very, very deep hole, and he is never seen again. Goodbye, Karsus.

On the other side of the field, Targor sprints into combat with a puny elf bowman. Targor does exactly no damage, is shot in the face, and dies. Goodbye, Targor.

The Branchwych, lurking in the ruins, attempts to unleash a swarm of magical bees: but Khorne says no!

The Branchwych closes into melee combat with Chris’ surviving warriors, failing to land any blows but successfully evading the Slaughterpriest’s attacks in returns. Then, a violent eruption of magical bees slays Saek (goodbye, Saek) and wounds the Slaughterpriest, breaking the Khorne warband and securing a minor victory for the Sylvaneth.

Stormcast vs. skeletons in Shadespire, a game we like very much.

Did we mention that we like Shadespire a lot?

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