It’s time for something a little different. In the run-up to Christmas, we’ll be posting our first-ever Dungeons & Dragons live play podcast: a magical mystery murder adventure called THE MIRACLE AT GREY HOME. This is part one.

Expect part two tomorrow, part three after that, and so on. You can listen on YouTube if you prefer, or receive your MP3s via the regular C&C podcast feed.

THE MIRACLE AT GREY HOME is an adventure that Chris wrote, played using D&D 5e rules. Our characters began life at level 1 in a warm-up session, and begin this adventure at level 2. This is Chris’ first time DMing 5th edition D&D, so don’t be surprised if he gets the rules wrong. If you’re the sort of person who gets annoyed when people get the rules wrong: Chris says sorry. In the third person, apparently.

Many thanks to Mike Debenham for his fabulous contribution to this series. Our music is based on Clambake by The Mandibles. Many of the band members now tour as Count Bobo And The Bullion.