Tom and Chris dig into new Shadespire warbands, lots of new Age of Sigmar lore, and begin a new era of Tzeentch-Stormcast hostilities in the age of Malign Portents.

Chris’ Darkoath Warqueen, showing off her dual pledges to Khorne and Tzeentch by (a) being angry and (b) owning some crystals.

The Warqueen’s leather cape, feat. cheeky bone winks.

Battle report time! Tom’s Stormcast Eternals, led by oft-reforged Lord-Celestant Tantrus, venture into the realm of death in pursuit of the missing Vanguard leader Galewalker. While passing through a life-sapping wasteland, they’re set upon by a Tzeentchian force led by a Darkoath Warqueen…

On the Stormcasts’ right flank, a flock of Aetherwings successfully tie up a horde of magically-shielded Pink Horrors. Elsewhere, Sigmarite plate proves effective against a torrent of warpflame from the Flamers and Burning Chariot.

As the Stormcast formation begins to break up, Tantrus charges forward and reveals the Changeling. The Judicators deal heavy damage with their bows, allowing Tantrus to interpret the portent of the Bloodied Skull to deal a precursor wound, slaying the daemon.

Tantrus goes on to slay a Herald of Tzeentch before being set upon by a flock of Screamers. The Knight-Heraldor targets two precise blasts of horn energy at a nearby pile of rubble, killing the Flamers and Gaunt Summoner. The Fulminators pile into the Darkoath Warqueen and her Chieftain bodyguard, but Tzeentch intervenes to save her and slow their advance. However, the Darkoath counterattack actually manages to heal the Fulminators thanks to the Lord-Castellant’s lantern.

Tzeentchian magic succeeds in dragging down one Fulminator, and the Warqueen draws on the power of Shyish to draw soul-energy out of her bodyguard – crippling him and healing herself. She is still unable to slay the Fulminator in combat, however, as it continues to heal from incoming damage.

Ultimately, it’s the life-sapping power of the realm of Death itself that sees for the final Fulminator. The path clears, the Warqueen charges into the Stormcast heroes and deals heavy damage to the Castellant – a former thrall of Tzeentch himself – but doesn’t kill him. He deals six wounds in return – enough to kill her – but as she falls her runebound shield reflects one of the blows and sends the Castellant back for his first reforging. Even so, she falls.

Then, the realm of death itself slays the Darkoath Chieftain – the final Tzeentchian hero. All that remains for the Stormcast is cleanup. The Judicators slay the Burning Chariot, while Tantrus doubles back and annihilates the pink horrors on the Stormcast left flank with the help of the Liberators. The heroes in the centre take out another group of horrors, while a unit of Vanguard-Hunters – arriving to reinforce the Stormcast back line – spectacularly manage to fail to do any damage whatsoever. Even so, the battle is over – a major victory to Tom!

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