Tom and Chris discuss a huge pile of Warhammer news and then detail their own busy hobby months. Then, we take a sharp left turn to get Tom’s first impressions of Star Wars: Legion.

A disclaimer from me, Chris: as I’ve mentioned on the podcast before, I did some work on the marketing campaign for Star Wars: Legion. I feel like I’m capable of offering a measured and critical opinion on it – it’s a game that I like, which is one of the reasons I wanted to work on it in the first place – but still, I want to be absolutely up front about the situation. On a previous episode I suggested that we might not discuss the game at all, but given how relevant it is to both Tom and my interests we figured that’d be a shame.

So there: you’ve been disclaimed.

Listener and discord member Luke had a guest spot on the Fjordhammer podcast to discuss hobby gaming as a coping mechanism, which you can find right here.

Tom’s Fulminators charge into a big happy stone friend at the Age of Sigmar Doubles event at Warhammer World.

Also at the doubles event, skeletons doing what skeletons do: fight a big salamander with a small naked man on top.

Tom’s in-progress Stardrake, including head swap.

Chris’ ‘freeblade’ Manticore knight.

Chris’ full Khorne force for Malign Portents.

Chris’ rapidly-painted tiny Vader.

Chris’ Rebels line up at the beginning of Tom’s first game of Legion.

Stormtroopers and Rebels trade fire as Tom’s speederbikes dash past to grab an objective.

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