Chris and Tom dig into the Idoneth Deepkin, play an awful lot of Age of Sigmar, discuss the process by which anybody can be transformed into Mark Strong, and catch up on #stardrakewatch2018.

Chris’ Blood Warriors, Skullcrushers and Warqueen clash with Tom’s Castellant and Fulminators during the first game of our new narrative campaign.

Tom’s one-off Crimson Fist.

Stars on wings, forever: an Age of Sigmar monster story.

Tom’s Stardrake comes together.

Chris’ speedpainted Blue Horrors.

We line up our forces at the start of our serendipitous tournament showdown.

Chris’ Lord of Change helpfully points out a volcano at the beginning of the game.

Tom’s Lord-Castellant leads his Fulminators and Judicators from the back.

Tom’s Lord-Castellant has a fatal encounter with a disgruntled former colleague.

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