Chris and Tom yank back the curtain on X-Wing 2.0, Adeptus Titanicus, Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition, our month in horses, LondonGT, and more. See below for discussion timestamps!

00:01:35 X-Wing 2.0
00:26:30 Adeptus Titanicus
00:32:40 Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition
01:38:20 This month’s hobby
02:02:00 Chris at London GT
02:50:45 Learning from Best Painted armies
03:02:20 Questions!

Tom’s new pair of sibling Stormcast hero hunters.

Tom’s Vanguard-Pallador and its fantastic ass.

Chris’ latest diversion, a Slaanesh-themed Chaos Lord. Or his head, at least.

Chris being eaten by a dinosaur during round one of the LondonGT Age of Sigmar event.

Chris’ Ogroid Thaumaturge bravely sacrifices itself in the face of some very big horses in round four of London GT.

Chris’ opponent in round five of London GT, Jani, fielded these lovely Stormcast-Fyreslayer conversions.

The Changeling baits Fyreslayers out of their tunnels in game five at London GT. He gets murdered. All according to plan!

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