Pip and the Toms discuss a surprising amount of news, most of it Steamy, then share thoughts on Jurassic World Evolution, Cryptark, Fortnite, and Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

  • Chris has been hard at work on the wordy side of hackmud 2.0, which is going live next week and will be 25% off when you read this.
  • Steam now lets you follow developers, but there’s no general link for that, so gosh we’ll just have to pick a developer at random and link their page.
  • How much have you spent on Steam in your life? No, wrong, it’s this much.
  • Here are the secret (public) codes you can type into Slay the Spire to trigger special modes. DRAFT is good.
  • Buy Far: Lone Sails and play it all the way through. You will be glad you did.
  • Pip’s pretty pic of Fortnite’s loot lake.
  • Jurassic World Evolution: a game you could play if you want to deal with a security department that are almost certainly dinosaurs wearing human uniforms.
  • Cryptark‘s a good idea but much too hard but full of promise but so frustrating but dammit I’m playing it again.
  • Budget Cuts is finally out and, appropriately, 10% off. It’s that VR game that’s good.
  • Assassin’s Oranges is drawing Tom S back in.
  • The accurate tweet about E3 Tom F was thinking of was not by the person he was about to attribute it to, so it’s good he didn’t. It was Chris Person.

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