Chris and Tom discuss a month’s worth of Age of Sigmar reveals, their own plans for second edition, batch painting, non metallic metals, and more.

Since we recorded this episode last weekend, Games Workshop have helpfully taken the lid off the Stormcast and Nighthaunt Battletomes, two sets of new heroes, Stormcast-specific Endless Spells, and so on. As such, some of our speculation has been outed as nonsense faster than normal. For this, we can only apologise.

Tom’s Lord-Aquilor continues a fine horse winkin’ tradition.

The completion of Tom’s Palladors marks the beginning of the end for his shame pile. Imagine!

Chris’ endless horde of Tzaangor. They’re a few steps further along now than they were when this photo was taken.

Here’s Chris first go at non-metallic metals, a Stormcast Sequitor.

After we recorded this episode, Tom painted his own Sequitor. Here it is!

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